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Founder Update May23 - May the 4th be with us!

Join the RentMy Family: Invest in a Sustainable Future on May 4th

At RentMy, we believe in the power of community. That's why we're excited to announce a unique opportunity for our users to become not just customers, but partners in our journey. On May 4th, we're opening our first syndicate for up to 50 investors. Together, we can make RentMy, and sharing in general, the future of a more sustainable economy.

Why invest in RentMy?

By investing in RentMy, you're investing in a better future for people and the planet. Here's why:

  1. Environmental benefits: RentMy promotes a culture of sharing, reducing waste and resource consumption by offering an alternative to purchasing single-use or rarely-used items.

  2. Financial benefits: Users save money by renting items they need occasionally, fostering responsible consumption and efficient resource allocation.

  3. Community & local business support: Our platform connects people, strengthening neighborhoods, and offering local businesses a way to rent out their products and services, reaching new customers.

How to register your interest:

To learn more about this exciting opportunity, visit Places are limited, so register your interest now and join us in building a more sustainable and connected future.

Investing in RentMy means joining a movement that encourages sustainable living, supports local businesses, and strengthens communities. Don't miss this chance to be part of something transformative. May the 4th be with us as we shape the future of the sharing economy together.



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