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Five things to rent out in your home!

WANT an easy way to make some extra cash? Try renting out items from your home.

There are platforms to list pretty much anything — and you might be surprised at what could give your bank balance a boost.

Here are some of the everyday objects, from clothes to gadgets, you could turn into a nice little earner . . . 

WARDROBE: We all have unworn clothes lurking in our wardrobe that could be making cash.

You can list a whole host of items, from dresses to shoes, on dedicated apps By Rotation, HURR and The Devout.

How much you charge is up to you but most platforms take a percentage fee on the rental cost. Designer items will get more.

Depending on the item, you could make around £10 to £12 a day and also specify a minimum number of days.

PARKING SPACE: An empty parking space or driveway could be worth some serious cash.

Apps such as JustPark and YourParkingSpace match people who have room for a car with those looking for a space.

You’ll likely make more cash if you live in a city where public parking can be expensive or if you are located near prime travel spots, such as airports and train stations.

HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES AND GADGETS: Rarely-used appliances could be making you money instead of sitting in a cupboard.

Try platforms such as Pa-rent, Fat Llama and RentMy.

You can loan out almost anything. For example, we’ve seen sofas listed for £150 a month, a birthing pool for £50 and single bed for £5.

You can usually set your own price, along with how long it’s available for. And you can block out any days you might not want the item on loan.

The apps will usually take a cut of the rental price.

Check the terms and conditions carefully, especially if you’re lending out pricier equipment.


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