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Hello 2023!

Here's some short and simple new year's resolutions to help you kick off 2023 - who knows you might even enjoy them so much you continue them all the way to 2024 and beyond!

Try something new

Bored of the same old routine? 2023 is the year to try something new! Whether renting a kayak and going for a paddle, or buying some old furniture from sites like Rumage and eBay to give upcycling a go: accessing what you need to try something new has never been easier.

Get fit

The classic resolution to get fitter neednt be the drag it usually is! As well as trying new fitness routines, you can rent different equipment, spaces and even personal trainers all through sharing economy apps.

Save money

Put some money aside for a rainy day. After all, as we head into a recession who knows when you might need it? Martin Lewis has a great hack for saving £667.95 this year, give it a try -

Challenge yourself to go green

Doing your bit for the environment can be fun - check out Ailuna, the habit creating app that takes you step by step to a greener lifestyle! From restyling a piece of clothing to only buying recyled toilet roll, there's lots to get involved in and try out!

Start a side hustle

Don't just save in 2023, start a side hustle and your earnings will be limitless. Rent out the things you don't use all the time, from your lawn mower to your digital camera, and make up to £800/month! Or if you're the crafty type start a side business making things to sell on Etsy. You can even rent extra tools you need from us!

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