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5 Reasons to Boycott Black Friday


  1. It’s a marketing ploy! 

Aimed to pressure you into buying something that, most likely, you never had any intention of buying anyway, but you don’t want to ‘miss out’! And as the cost of living crisis gets worse, the last thing we need to do is spend more money on things we don’t need. Instead, spend some time with the family, treat yourselves to your favourite takeaway or even have home movie night and rent a film. Several options that are far more pleasurable and much cheaper! 

  1. Packaging, packaging and more packaging!

Isn’t it bad enough when you buy a packet of crisps and it’s only half full? Or when you purchase any sort of digital tech it comes not only in a cardboard box, but also every part is wrapped in polyurethanes and wedged with polystyrene too? This is 10 times worse on Black Friday, after all do you really need a new telly when you’ve already got a perfectly good one?


  1. Spoiler alert - you’re not actually getting a deal!

Despite the advertised savings you can benefit from on Black Friday, they’re not actually as good as you think! Often retailers increase the RRP just so the discount looks better, and you can actually get the same price any other day of the year.


  1. The Queue

We all know how much us brits like queueing - the queue to see the Queen laying in state was enough proof - but why do we do it? Especially so when you can buy what you need on any other day of the year without having to queue for hours on end, with often chaotic scenes of violence towards other shoppers.


  1. Do you actually need it?

Follow Money saving expert Martin Lewis’ mantra and if you answer no to any of the questions, then you really don’t need it anyway! 

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